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New: Exchanging Van Goghs, a Novella

A man known as the Light Keeper lives alone in a mountain cabin above Denver where he spends his time watching over the city and observing the lighted world around him. Rezzie, a young painter living in Denver, visits him, hoping he will help her find balance in her life. Following their initial encounter they begin a correspondence that touches on their shared fascination with painters, music and the nature of light. They send each other postcards with reproductions of art by Van Gogh, Monet, Morisot, Manet, Rothko and others, as their lives slowly intertwine.

"I gaze out my windows at the vines and trees and flowers while I dream and paint. I sit in the backyard and watch the leaves change and the cats prowl and the sky turn honey-colored. It is my grandmother's ancient home, my sanctuary, the same as yours really. We both live in the changing light. It's magical, isn't it?" -Rezzie

Exchanging Van Goghs is now available for the Kindle and as a small paperback book:

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