We Are All Photographers Now

Photographs by Joe Beine

From February 8 to May 20, 2007 the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne Switzerland had an exhibition of contributed photos from around the world called We Are All Photographers Now. Below are the four photographs I submitted along with a picture of the photograph when it was displayed in the museum.

Floating on display
Displayed 10 February at 12:08 PM
Angel Hand on display
Displayed 17 February at 1:30 PM
Floating by Joe Beine
Floating, October 2006
Angel Hand by Joe Beine
Angel Hand, October 2006

Granite Face on display
Displayed 7 March at 1:56 PM
Forlorn Boots on display
Displayed 6 March at 2:03 PM
Granite Face - Ruth by Joe Beine
Granite Face - "Ruth," February 2007
Forlorn Boots by Joe Beine
Forlorn Boots, October 2006

©2006, 2007 Joe Beine [Contact]
Camera: Nikon D80

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