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Christmas Stories and Winter Tales

by Joe Beine

This is a list of the stories I have given to friends each year at Christmas time. Some of them are collected in my book, Paper Angels.

YearTitleCover ArtistMain Characters
1987Snow AngelsMary FrembgenCindy and Billy
1989A Bear StoryBet SirianniFlopper
1990Night ShadowsEmily FrembgenCindy
1991Whispering*Bet SirianniAutumn and Flop
1992Dodging Snowflakes*Snowflake StencilEllen
1993From the Land of Lolly*Karen EllisMax, Elsie, Goblins
1994Lolly Laughter*Karen EllisMax, Elsie, Goblins
1995Gazing Upward*Emily FrembgenGideon and Arianne
1996A Doll for Christmas*Shawn StrubJessi
1997Angels in the Snow*Joe BeineIsabelle, Tess
1998To Hear the Angels Sing*Susan EbertowskiMally
1999Paper Angels*Nicole RobbinsJessi and Arianne
2000Jessi and the Gargoyle*Emily FrembgenJessi and a Gargoyle
2001Dream Feather*Lynne CuthrellPeter and Carmina
2001Paper Angels (Collection)Bet SirianniSeveral
2002Candles for EsmireldaSusan EbertowskiMyra and Javier
2003Fisherman’s Blues (from Dream Runner - see 2013 below)Susan EbertowskiJessi and Raphael
2004A Blissful Sort of InsanityLynne CuthrellJessi and Reverend Luke
2005Painting by Candlelight (from Dream Runner - see 2013 below)Joe BeineJessi and Michael
2006Half AlienSusan EbertowskiJessi and Diego
2007Wayward SwanJoe BeineMyra and Esmirelda
2008The Legendary Complete History of the Wee Monster (abridged)Lynne CuthrellMonster, the Boy
2009Dream Light (the first chapter of Exchanging Van Goghs)Bet SirianniRezzie, the Light Keeper
2010The Collector of FeathersSusan EbertowskiJessi, a boy
2011Adelina Often Dreamed of Swans (excerpt)Joe BeineAddie, Pastor Held
2012French with a German AccentJoe BeineFrançoise and Olaf
2013Dream RunnerJoe BeineJessi, Arianne, Dream Runner, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael
2014A Hint of LavenderJoe BeineAlexis and Ben
2015Searching for True Romance (the first chapter of Sitting on Saturn)Lynne CuthrellTeddie and Emerson
2016The Spirit Garden (from Sitting on Saturn)Joe BeineTeddie and Emerson
2017Anime ButterfliesLaure NgoEden and Gabriel, Lotsa big cats
2018 (slightly delayed)BlueBlueBlue and the boy at the library
2019Neptune BlueLaure NgoNicholas, Ella, Violet and Natalie
2020A Fairy Child StorybookReed and SadieThe Fairy Child, Wind, Rain and Snow
2021Things People Leave in BooksCamille FourcadeCharlie, Frida and Amanda
2022Sunflowers (Tiny Tale 21) postcard
Adapted from the book, Dark Eden
Joe BeineRegina
2023Not tellin'!Shhhh!Sly secret
Angel photograph, by Joe Beine - from Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

*These stores are included in the book, Paper Angels - Christmas Stories by Joe Beine

Photo by Joe Beine, Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado

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