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Emily Frembgen Discography

compiled by Joe Beine

Emily Frembgen - Flower/Weed

Flower/Weed (forthcoming)


Emily is crowdfunding her next album at IndieGoGo:
Emily Frembgen's New Album: Flower/Weed

You can check out two songs now:
Purchase/Stream: Flower/Weed Single (2 songs) on iTunes/Apple Music

Listen: Silver Lining on YouTube
Listen: Flower/Weed on YouTube

Emily Frembgen - My Cat From Hell

My Cat From Hell

May 2016

6 Song Album (plus 3 b-sides)

Recorded by Ryan Wolfe in Brooklyn, NY
featuring Ryan Wolfe, Sean Wiggins and Caitlin Cook

Listen: My Cat From Hell on SoundCloud

Emily Frembgen - Fremb Fatale

Fremb Fatale

June 2015

7 Song Album

Produced by Victor Foster
featuring Victor Foster, Tim Reed, Travis Stevens and Doo Crowder

Available from: Fremb Fatale - Emily Frembgen on iTunes

Listen: Fremb Fatale on SoundCloud

Emily Frembgen

When I'm Really Gone EP

December 2013, Best Beards Records

Emily Frembgen - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Victor Foster - Electric Guitar, Bass
Ian Cooke - Cello

Available from: Emily Frembgen at Bandcamp

Emily Frembgen of Language of Termites

Covers Project

June 2013-Ongoing

Emily has recorded covers of various songs and posted
them at: Emily Frembgen on YouTube

Language of Termites photograph

Language of Termites - Pretérito Perfeito

October 19, 2012, Best Beards Records and Ronin Press Records
Recorded June-September 2012, Denver, Colorado

Emily Frembgen - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Lyrics
Farrell Styers - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
Victor Foster - Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
Tim Reed - Drums
Chella Negro - additional vocals on "Can't Make You Stay"
Ian Cooke - Cello on "Prairie"

Available from: Language of Termites at BandCamp

Emily Frembgen - Always With You CD cover

Emily Frembgen - Always With You

May 2010

11 Song Album

Review of Emily Frembgen's Always With You in Westword

Emily Frembgen and the Spiky Little Pinecones CD cover

Emily Frembgen and the Spiky Little Pinecones

August 2009

5 song EP: Winding Roads, Chateau Marmont, Street Lights, Waiting for Someone, The Chance

The Language of Termites - In a Different Time & Place cover

The Language of Termites - In a Different Time & Place

May 2009, Best Beards Records (2 additional b-sides released May 2010)
Recorded 2008 and 2009, Denver, Washington D.C., Romania

Emily Frembgen - Vocals, Lyrics
Farrell Styers - Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Oud
Victor Foster - Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Electric Guitar, Tunisian Goat Kazoo, (very) Background Vocals
Tim Reed - Drums, Maracas

Available from: Language of Termites at BandCamp
Language of Termites Reviewed by Tom Murphy in Westword


Richard Ringer

Album: 13
2008, New York City
Emily sings on one track, "Sally Harper's Woods"

Album: Creepster Freakster
Emily is featured on "Freego" and sings backup vocals on "The Amazing Beautiful Girl"

For information see: Richard Ringer on Bandcamp

Various Artists - Sopa Deliciosa

2007, SOPA (Sound of Perpetual Astonishment), Denmark
Limited Edition of 100

includes "Dogs" by Emily Frembgen

See: Sopa Deliciosa

Denver Show and Tell Project

Emily's contributions included: "Poor Places," "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)," "Evita," "Monster," "Elevator to Another Dimension," "Pocket Full of Sunshine," "The Snow," and "The King of Queens" TV Theme


The Jellybabies (Emily & Nicole) made many cool homemade recordings, circa 2002-2004

Jellybabies on MySpace

Photographs of Emily Frembgen | Emily Frembgen on Tumblr

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