Joe Beine grew up in Littleton, Colorado, and now lives in Denver. He likes to draw family trees, gaze out his skylight window, pretend to be a gardener, and go for walks with his perpetual puppy, Raven. When the light is just right, parts of his back yard come alive, and he takes pictures. He believes the magic in the world can be found in the faces of the people around you. He gives some of these faces to the characters in his stories.

His latest book, Made Out of Trees, is about the friendship between Laurel, a forest sprite, and Silver, a wolf.

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"Laurel propelled herself to the pool's edge and climbed out of the water. Then she stood up on the shore, welcoming the rain as though she was the stream or a flower or a tree. As though she was part of the forest." (from Made Out of Trees)

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Discovering the Magic of the Natural World - Made Out of Trees

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