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Joe Beine grew up in Littleton, Colorado, and now lives in Denver. He likes to draw family trees, gaze out his skylight window, pretend to be a gardener, and go for walks with his perpetual puppy, Raven. When the light is just right, parts of his back yard come alive, and he takes pictures. He believes the magic in the world can be found in the faces of the people around you. He gives some of these faces to the characters in his stories.

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His book, Exchanging Van Goghs, is now available for the Kindle and as a small paperback book. Here is an excerpt...

When my grandmother died two years ago she left this house to me. It's a pale Victorian, over a hundred years old, with two large trees -- a tall ash in the back and a spindly locust in the front. My grandmother slept in the small downstairs bedroom, which is now my studio. When I was a child I would sometimes visit here for a few days while my mother went on a trip or just because I wanted to spend time with my grandmother. I slept in the upstairs room and dreamed under the skylight. And now it's where I sleep every night. And conjure up paintings from nature's beautiful whims.

The gardens in the back yard are filled with irises just like Vincent's. They're a lot like the first postcard you sent me. With their green stalks and deep lavender blooms every spring. Enchantment hovers everywhere. From the blurs of the spring rain to autumn's gold to winter's frozen secrets. The jumble of vines on the north side of the house blossom red and green in July's heat. The Rose of Sharon bush on the south side blooms white and pink in August. Along the north fence a group of peonies huddle under all sorts of intertwining vines and branches, but when the sun touches them on a spring morning, their white blooms glow pink. You can't see the pink except at that moment when the rays barely reach them... We both live in the changing light. It's magical, isn't it?

-Rezzie, from Exchanging Van Goghs

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