Adelina Often Dreamed of Swans

a story by Joe Beine

The story begins...

     A boy gently tossed a kite into the air, then watched it float slowly upward until the wind captured it. The boy let out string as the kite gathered momentum and moved further into the twilight. The kite was cobalt blue, darker than the sky, and had powder-blue stars imprinted on it in the shape of the constellation Cassiopeia. When the kite reached its place in the sky, the boy let go of the string and prepared another kite. He had several, each one depicting a different constellation. The boy tossed the next kite into the air, guided it into place, and then repeated this until the sky was filled with stars. The kites were like astral puzzle pieces, waiting for the boy to fit them into his celestial globe.
     Addie called him her starshine boy.

The story is available as an eBooklet for the Amazon Kindle.

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A limited edition, signed and numbered paperback is also available. To order a copy, inquire using the contact link below.

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  Adelina Often Dreamed of Swans by Joe Beine (cover)

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