Rezzie's Paintings

From Exchanging Van Goghs

The descriptions of Rezzie's paintings in Exchanging Van Goghs were based on photographs I took while I was writing the story. Here are four of them.

Rezzie's Iris Petal

Iris Petal in the Spring Light

The sun's golden rays slowly moved over the irises and Rezzie began to push paint onto her canvas, filling in the outline with color. She worked quickly, wanting to capture the light before it shifted too much. She painted a green stalk surrounded by curves of pale petals against a dark background. The center of the painting was dominated by a large amethyst-colored petal, which was drenched in bright light, its veined surface sloping down into a shadow. (from Exchanging Van Goghs)

Skylight Spring Snow

Skylight Spring Snow

Iris Petals in the Light

Iris Petals in the Light

Later I started watching the way the morning sun's rays moved through an iris bloom in my south garden, which has stronger light. The petals seemed translucent like tissue paper. I tried to capture that with paint. It's very tranquil. Almost unreal. The background is a burst of light, illuminating the petals from behind. I still fuss with this painting occasionally. I don't seem to want to let it go. (from Exchanging Van Goghs)

Rezzie's Peony Glow

Peony Glow

   "These are special, Rezzie. They have a spiritual quality."
   Rezzie felt herself blush slightly. She didn't know what to say.
   "It's like you can sense the light shining through them."
   "That's the way I see," she said. (from Exchanging Van Goghs)

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