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Made Out of Trees book cover.

“Nature always provided her with whatever she needed...”

Curious about her unknown origin, Laurel stares at her reflection in the stream that meanders past her tree house, searching for clues. Could she be a forest sprite like in fanciful books? She’s friendly with birds, plants, and especially trees. She even lives inside one, drawing energy from it.

Laurel watches the stars, bathes in the stream, drinks a lot of tea, and hibernates in the winter. On “gathering days,” she collects fruit, herbs, honey, feathers, fallen branches, and other things necessary for her survival.

Laurel wonders about the nearby village that seems to be slowly encroaching on her forest, causing nature to go out of balance. When a teenage girl from the village unexpectedly shows up outside her tree, Laurel's life is altered as she learns more about the world beyond hers.

Made Out of Trees is now available for the Kindle and as a paperback book:

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